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April 25, 2006



saw this last nite on TV, and dropped everything to tape it. it is awesome!!!!


fucking fantastic!

by the way rolling stone says that the Science of Sleep is coming out on August 4th! Get excited!

Oh and the Nick Cave penned The Propositionist is playing for one screening only tonight at BAM at 7pm. It's great, see it. Not sure when its official release is.


sorry, its called The Proposition. Just thought id correct myself before someone else did.


i love wes, but this is not really that funny, and amazingly lame of him at the same time. too bad.

robbie dee

two things came to mind. 1. lame. 2. he signs like a second grader learning cursive.


Us criticizing this ad is like guys discussing a hot girl who has bad posture. We wouldn't kick her out of bed, which is funny, since she wouldn't sleep with us in the first place, yet we still manage to be dicks and project the disappointment of our own shortcomings onto people who are doing the things we wish we could do, like having bitchin' sex (That whore).

Seriously, the ad is pretty frickin' good. Nothing lame about it. Don't try to sell me the "sell-out" thing. It's tired.

And as far as signing like a second grader, some people focus their energy and create a seamless sixty second ad for American Express with a gag every two seconds, and some people practice writing their signature over and over on a piece of paper dreaming of the day they will show that beautiful girl with the bad posture what she missed out on, angry at those of us with bad handwriting who get the gold and the girl, which we deserve more, but which we won't sell out for, because, we have integrity. And a decent signature.

American Integrity. My signature. My cupboard with four bags of ramen and not much else.

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