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April 12, 2006



um. you obviously havent watched the last 5 seasons. admit it

jerry yeti

reminds me of the teaser for South Park. "Bringing you the latest in the 3-D computer animation technology..."


jon are you delusional? i am as big as simpsons fans get and its completely obvious that the last couple of seasons except for the rate episode have sucked. come on. i know you love the show but wake up man.


seriously, i know plenty of people who say that the simpsons have gone downhill. but i know they don't watch it. the apocolypse episode was one the funniest of all time, i think that was from two years ago. but watch it and you'll change your mind.


i said that there is the rare episode (ricki gervais episode for example) that's good, but overall its just not worth watching anymore. im not going to sit through 20 sub par episodes for 2 or 3 good ones. the show is just lame at this point. they need to end it with dignity. too late for that though.


to say it's not as good as say 10 seasons ago is one thing, but to say it's un-watchable or that all new episodes suck is insane and just being too hip for school. sorry.

my main complaint is that most people, including friends of mine, that say "simpsons suck lately" dont watch the simpsons anymore. period. if you watch it every week, like me, then you'll have a different opinion. friends of mine that do watch it every week still like it.

tivo it, set the vcr, take a sunday off from being seen wherever that may be, and just watch it.
damn it.


jon why would i watch it every week if ive watched it time after time over the past three years and i dont think its good? where does the "too hip for school" argument come in? you know nothing about me or jason. i wont speak for him though. i am a huge fan. very few people have spent $2000 on a rare piece of original simpsons artwork. but its as simple as this, the show has fallen off. if you choose to ignore that fact and you watch week after week fine. but i cannot continue to watch the show because it has disappointed too many times. each episode will have one laugh out loud moment if im lucky.

but seriously, how can you expect people to watch week after week when they dont think its funny? that just doesn't make any sense.


that's not my point. i dont want to force people to watch it.
people, like my friends, that dont watch it just dont watch much tv at all. and dont go out of their way to watch the simpsons.. and just grumble "ehh.. not any good anymore" because that's just what everyones saying.
but hell, last weeks was hilarious. it's only getting more and more socially relevant. in some aspects it's getting better.
and to be honest, the quality of the show rests on the writers. they could get a new crop next season and everything would change(as i'm sure you've noticed over the years). something, i feel, is definitely worth sticking around for(and yes, i would watch week after week even if it wasnt funny, because of that reason. it's a cartoon family that never ages, it has to be cyclical).

my girlfriend actually never watched it up until a few years ago and started because of me and loves the new ones - and we watch the re-runs as well.
i grew up with the simpsons and feel their humor has grown up with me.

but whatever. it's not like its getting cancelled anytime soon and i have to save it.
i just wish people appreciated the nuances of the later episodes as opposed to the "cowabunga" and "do the bart man" era.

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