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April 06, 2006



you and early 90's hardcore references didn't catch ryan silent majority on the far right?


jason, theyre from LONG ISLAND NOT BROOKLYN

jerry yeti

well... the singer lives in harlem now I believe.

plus... what was Long Island's last buzz band?

'never was there a town' is a very good album.


Woah! Long Island band. Silent Majority. I'm totally weirded out. I feel like I'm back at a PWAC matinee.....


jerry forget buzz band, long island produces just as many heavy hitters as nyc does, so get off ur high horse. Glassjaw, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, i know My Chemical Romance is nj, but the amount of LI shows they played a few years ago they might as well of been loong island, heck theyre record release shows were in LI. ultrgrrls nightmare of you, long island. and the list goes on, just because it isnt music that you love doesnt mean that there isnta fan base for it. you silly bloggers make me sick!


While I don't agree with the tone, I have to side with anonymous here. There have been a remarkable amount of quality-to-excellent bands that have all come from what appears to be one bar in the middle of Long Island. Add Bayside, Rahim, Aeroplane Pageant and Men Women and Children to the list as well.

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