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March 21, 2006


eric keilman

one has to be chris cornell's album. my buddy scored some tickets to his show in st. louis and it was terrible. this guy that i knew at the concert told me that his girlfriend was crying in a bathroom because the show was so bad. i would have thought it would be good after seasons from the singles soundtrack.

Pickles McFurthington

How exactly is Electronic a "solo" album?


Anything by Richard Ashcroft.


Are you kidding me? Richie Sambora's solo albums are amazing! The songs are soulful and full of emotion.


At least 12 Bar Blues has some soul to it - it clearly evokes images of a room illuminated by naught but a sickly blue TV glow, cast over white-powdered tables and a strung out Weiland fidgeting with a needle and a tourniquet. It doesn't deserve to be on some whiny hipster shitlist. Don't you have anything better to do with your time and all the visitors to your blog than bitch and moan? Jesus fucking christ.


12 Bar Blues is actually a decent album. Daniel Lanois? Just sayin'.


I agree, 12 Bar Blues is pretty interesting. It's only disappointing if you're hoping for STP, but the choice of Daniel Lanois as producer helped it be kind of a weird album, in a good way.


funny how 'annoyed' is bitching and moaning about jason's bitching and moaning. i never really listened to 12 bar blues, but i dig weilend so im sure its ok.


I'm going to go out on a limb and say that whatever you pick will be very astute, because you seem to have the same tastes I do. I'm going to suggest: Tommy Lee's Never a Dull Moment and the Joe Perry Project.


Funny stupid or funny ha-ha?


not funny ha-ha.


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