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March 22, 2006



This is great news! I too agree that they are one of the best burgers in the city. The other best is Corner Bistro.


That burger looks so good! Hooray for the shake shack!


Ahhhhhh! Yeah baby! I'll meet you on line for the half hour wait.


the coffee shake is the bestest


Corner Bistro is garbage. Overrated, ofter under cooked, and small. A better burger can be had at almost any random diner in New York.


'cornerbistrohater' you're insane. so not overated. still the best burger ive had in the city. paul's place on 2nd ave is good too. ive been told that Piano's makes an insane burger by a number of people but still havent tried it. and for fast in-and-out style burgers Blue 9 on 3rd ave is suprisingly good. Anyway, the Bistro rocks! And its cheap!



Hate to say it, Hal but Corner Bistro IS overrated. The experience is always a bitch, cuz it's always crowded. Shake shack burgers are great, but the wait is insane. Molly's on 3rd btw. 22nd and 23rd is, hands down, the best. Back me up here, Jason.

Corner Bistro Hater

What about it is so great? And, better compared to what? Fast food? It is a small "pre-packaged" store bought style patty served with with tic tac over-salted/overdone fries. I'd go far beyond calling it overrated it's just average or below average.
As far as NY's best burgers goes, get on over to Island Burgers and Shakes ( 9th btw 51 & 52nd). If Corner Bistro tickles your pickle this place will leave you delirious. Brooklyn alone has far far better burgers in Diner and Dumont (even Relish for that matter). And again just stroll into a random diner for a heartier meal. It is absurdly crowed and the payoff is never there.
Jason, can we please have a PSNYC sponsered Burger-Fest? This would be in the same vain as the Gothamist Slice orgy.


never been to island burger. have wanted to check it out but what reason do i have to be over at 9th and 51st. i agree about the brooklyn burgers, those places are great. but i dont think corner bistro is overrated. the wait is a bitch but i love the burgers. i dont see how you can say its a prepackeged patty when its so clearly not. they're not pattys. im wondering if you went to the wrong place. tic-tac fries? you mean like waffle fries? cuz corner bistro doesnt have those. anyways, its all good. i dig the place. their burgers are juicy and amazing. and i consider myself a burger expert. ill tell you where you get the best burger for real though...my place. ill put all those fuckers to shame.

oh and speaking of dumont have you had the mac n cheese? it may be the best ive ever had. soooo good.


Do it up Hal and I will be there. The tic-tac fries I speak of are the shoe-string fries I had when I was there last. Maybe waking up with pinkeye the next day sullied the experience. And, I was at the right place, after all I grew up in NYC.

I have had the pleasure of having the Dumac and cheese... with a side of fries, which prompted one nosy neighbor to remark that the staff should break out the defribulater (sp) for me. As for traveling to Island...I'll give you two good reasons: the Playpen and the Hustler Executive Club. Ditch the downtown prude and get with the nude. ;) I also second my own motion for a Burger Taste-Tournement. Field trip and truce?


I'm so down with a burger field trip!

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