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March 10, 2006



i was at that radiohead show at harborlights as well, and it ranks in my top 3 fav shows ever. truely amazing.


Yeah, that truly was perfection. Thom was amazing. Jonny was bleeding all over his guitar, literally, and everything was just heaven sent. The OK Computer songs were still so new to them and they were obviously floating for this gig. I love that the tent lights went on and no one stopped clapping for a good fifteen-twenty minutes until Radiohead came back out for "Banana Co". Unreal.


i just remember that, for an outdoor tent festival, the sound was AMAZING. it was a gorgeous, 80 degree night and while listening to "exit music" i remember watching a big luxury ship cruise into boston harbor. how could the night be any more beautiful?

Hamish Robertson

I've very excited to hear how much you enjoyed Ahmad Jamal, I have tickets for sunday's show. I was raised on his music, and have always wanted to see him play live.

Hamish Robertson

Oh, and extra love for the Make-Up show reference. One of my top ten's is the Make-Up in a small pub's upstairs in Leeds. Ian was insane.

Did you see that the Make-Up just released a new live album of one of their last shows at DC's Black Cat? You have to get it. Other Music has it, and it's on iTunes. SO AWESOME. Take me back everyt ime I hear it.

Other than that, I'd say the Stone Roses in Leeds, Pulp so many times, Radiohead at Glastonbury 1997, and Air at the NYC Town Hall.


i was at that pavement/gbv show in 94...i was 14...weird.


i was at the pavement show wich was on my sixteenth birthday, all i listened to was slanted and crooked that whole year before this show, i couldnt believe the energy. it was so fucking fun. conduit for sale was so intense. the only other show i saw at roseland up until that point was rage against the machine with quicksand nov 11 93. that pavement show totally shaped who i became. thanks for reminding me.

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