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February 01, 2006





why is it that the rest of america doesn't want to see these clearly pointed out lies? and let's just wait until the bird flu starts coming around...that should be fun!


I can tolerate all your predictable "talking point" observations about the president's powerfully effective speech, however, your comment about the marine who was killed is disgraceful. From now on, can't you just leave remarks like that our of your political rants. Labeling him a christian fundametalist and undermining his intentions for fighting are equally shameful. Just acknowledge that the man is a HERO and leave it at that and move on to the rest of your discourse.


and Cindy Sheehan was not arrested, she was removed from the room as was a congessman's wife who was wearing a shirt that read "support the troops."


Normally, I find your blog so blindly liberal that it is difficult to take seriously. That post, however, was absolutely spot on.

Telex's predictable response was weak. So very weak.


What parts were powerfully important? Seriously, I want to know what parts you agreed with? And what did I write that was incorrect?

As for Dan Clay, I am truly sorry he died. I am truly sorry for every person who lost in the Iraq occupation. In Dan's letter, he is very explicit in his belief that he is doing God's work. He sounds more like a missionary than a soldier. And for our President to highlight this individual in his State of the Union address makes examining his words all the more meaningful. Bush has goofed numerous times, calling this war a crusade, etc. Bush just read a letter to the world that continues to make this into a Christian vs. Muslim war. That my friend, is fucked up.

And don't you dare call into question my support of America's troops. You don't seem to understand what supporting our troops means. Just calling every soldier who dies a HERO is meaningless. Just saying here's a blank check, outdated body armor, and go fight this war because God told the President to invade Iraq, doesn't make someone a HERO. Our troops deserve better than empty gestures. They deserve the truth and a just cause.


I think you're arguments would work a lot better if you lost the race/religion/gender baiting, that act grew old about a decade ago. Did you not hear the president state clearly that we are fighting a small sect of fanatics that are attempting to hijack a noble religion. Can that be any more clear?
Stop villifying those who attach religion to the greater aspects of their lives, especially those who are willing to risk their lives for a just and worthy cause. There is no politician in this administration who has conveyed the message that this is a religious crusade, that's nonsense.
Do you really want me to create a littany of the points of Bush's SOTU that I agreed with? Out of laziness, I'll just say everything except for the human cloning thing, he lost me there.
I don't think that you "don't support the troops," I just think you're nearly completely consumed by propaganda.


M-U-S-I-C. Stick to that.


I think that there is only one solution to the ongoing Jason/Telex debate...and it's not put them in a ring with socks full of horseshit and let them duke it out...Jason, I think you need to find out who this mysterious Telex dude is, and hire him to do a regular opposing viewpoints column on your site...cuz that's basically what it is anyway, everytime you do a political post. Brilliant!


wonder what this telex character does for a living/ studies, cuz in order to agree with almost everything Bush says...he must be in a pretty sweet position and not having to worry about a thing.
Obviously HE is the one completely consumed by propaganda.


Well Telex, how bout it? Want to go for Jeremito's idea and then throw poo at him?



is it necessary for you to use this forum to compensate for the lack of constructive thoughts you offer during your tier 2 constitutional law course?

while a balanced argument is healthy and most productive-- you are just as guilty of falling for thinktank propaganda and perhaps miming other's arguments.

lastly, there are those who view US conduct in the middle east inapposite to a just and noble cause and devolving into a religious crusade. seymour hirsch does a good job of documenting the systemized affront to islamic ideology.

you bore me.


Untelex, no it is not necessary to compensate for my lack of participation in my classes, however, it is necessary to kill the time in those torturous classes by reading blogs on my laptop and making random comments.
Jason, by "poo-throwing," do you mean a small level above what the democrats attempted to do to "now-justice" Alito?


No. 3 is interesting - OB's get legal insurance coverage, it's just really, really expensive (80k+). And that's because the laws are retarded - you can sue up until your child's 18th birthday for damages that happened during birth - even if you had no prenatal care, were morbidly obese, etc. This is like the one issue where I think the Republicans have a point. I haven't really heard about an OB death threats, but then again, I live in Chicago.

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