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February 12, 2006



Wow, I actually agree with you there. Except for the racist part, but that's like second nature in your posts. Everyone is racist, sexist, blah blah etc.

thigh master

were u molested by andy's eyebrows as a kid?


I like Keillor's song "Hate Something Change Something."


you are wrong about prairie home companion. it's a great radio show.

that is all.


anthony, a prairie home companion is quite possibly the WORST radio show on NPR...who can listen to it for more than 30 seconds without becoming annoyed?


Garrison Keillor is the Bob Hope (or should I say the Lawrence Welk) of public radio. Even after Keillor's gone there'll be no excuse for the public radio people to develop any new programs--they'll probably just broadcast old reruns of Prairie Home just as long as the money keeps coming in. What A Shame!!!


Wrong on both. You say "I cannot fathom why Andy Rooney still has his plush job on the most respected and newsworthy program on television." Have you ever considered that he's popular with other people? And... more than he's unpopular, obviously. That puts your view-point in the minority. And if majorities rule, then your wrong. 60 minutes is (you:) "the most respected and newsworthy program on television" BECAUSE of Andy Rooney being there too.

With Garrison - who I'm listening too with great enjoyment right now - he has the same situation going on as Andy (iow people love him): I find his voice peaceful and well-rounded (as do about 13 million other people listening right now).

Way off, Dude!

Lemmee guess... Neocon?

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