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January 31, 2006



I wonder if Dove is Dove or Doves?

It would be nice if most of the following were playing on one day say that I could be in and out:

* Radiohead * Elvis Costello & the Imposters * Death Cab for Cutie * Ben Folds * My Morning Jacket * Dove(s?) * Gomez * Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks * Clap Your Hands Say Yeah * The Magic Numbers * Seu Jorge * Dungen * Andrew Bird * Devotchka * dios (malos) *


Everyone worth seeing is either playing Coachella this year or already just did in 04 or 05, except for Tom Petty and Elvis Costello


Beck too? Hmm. Radiohead owns all, so the headliners are better than Coachella's, but the rest of the lineup isn't so hot. If Radiohead weren't touring the US this summer then it might be worth the $500 more it would cost me to go to this than Coachella.


That's it...I'm awesome at predicting festival lineups. Those rumors of Radiohead, Tom Petty, and Beck that I posted on Wiki came straight off the top of my head, and now look at that lineup...damn I'm good. It's a great lineup, but so is Coachella.


are the ones you highlight supposed to be the draw? neville brothers? where was your highlighter on that one Gordon?


i didn't know it was a competition...


Seriously, how the hell does this beat Coachella this year? Or, for that matter, its track record? Give me a break...

robbie dee

seriously, radiohead isn't the EVERYTHING for a good time at a show. granted, i'm as big as a fan of those guys as ANYONE ELSE, and i'm FAR CLOSER to bonnaroo, but i'd still choose coachella simply because IT IS THE BEST. i'd love to see daft punk fit into bonnaroo... right.


the two festivals don't necessarily have to be compared. and i would go to both festivals if i felt they were both great. but i feel that the line up for coachella this year is pretty week so im gonna go to bonnaroo and not coachella this year. i guess for me bonnaroo kicks coachella's ass this year. sorry.


21 good bands? 8 or so playing coachella also? that's one good day(actually, coachella has about 40 or so bands a day). look at the filler dude. at least coachellas "filler" is indie bands i'll most likely get into if i see them, not, um, rusted root


there may be 40 bands a day at coachella but in that heat i would only see about 6-8 bands a day anyway. so ill take the kickass headliners at bonnaroo, see a handful of the "filler" during the day and then chill the rest of the time. anyways, Coachella rocks, I just think the line-up kind of blows this year. walking from stage to stage in 100 degree heat to see a handful of bands that I can see at the Bowery Ballroom seems pointless to me.

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