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January 13, 2006



Seriously? Source? If those are the headliners then I need to start looking into somehow going to this instead of Coachella.


those would be amazing headliners.


Well, those are totally consistent with every single rumor that's come out thus far, so I'd say those are a solid bet for sure...

Again, you've confirmed this with a source? I'm expecting an announcement next week then...


Don't get too excited. You got that info from Wikipedia, and I know who posted those rumors on that page...he may have just typed this.


I assure you that the Beck, Radiohead, and Tom Petty news did not come from Wikipedia....


I'm not trying to hammer you. I just want you to know that I was the one who originally posted all those bands on Wikipedia way back in october, and I did it off the top of my head. It's possible that your sources got the info from that maybe...again maybe not. All I know is that I posted those bands off the top of my head with no knowledge of it being true or not. If they are to be the headliners, which I know one is, then I'm sure good at predicting!!!


You're not really doing a lot of Wikipedia's credibility.


Well, I do believe some of them will be showing up, so I wasn't trying to start some b/s rumors for the Bonnaroo crowd. Some of those bands might be there, but no way do/did I have knowledge of any of it being true.

Smarter than You


First of all, Beck is not nearly the type of band that would headline, and neither is Tom Petty for that matter...I can see Radiohead possibly headlining, although they are more of a late nite show than anything...If these people are headlining Bonnaroo then count me out!!!


Dude!!! Beck and Tom Petty definetly belong!!!! All i wanna know is were is bob and willie again. lets bring back ben harper again 2. Forget panic, they wanna be the dead but their not. 2 more nights of them and i might sleep in my tent!!


Dude, they definitley belong at the festival but I dont know about headlining. I could see Radioheqad hedlining. Petty would prolly be an act right before the headliner -- previously held by The Allman Bros, David Byrne, Steve Winwood, and Bob Dylan.
Beck would prolly be an afternoon attraction like Wilco, Govt Mule, Jurassic 5, and moe. have been in the past.

my 2 cents...


I don't think Radiohead will be a Bonnaroo


The Roo blows goats now and I can only imagine what Coachella is like. (Although I am a big fan of the Pumpkins...)

PS Panic is the shit, go crawl back into your little EMO hell.


I'm not a Radiohead fan* Beck and Tom Petty are awesome. But that's my opinion* If Radiohead play's Roo I won't be at that show*But the good thing I can always check out a new great find or something thats always been in my heart*
*Bring Back The Dead*

Jay Wright

Panic is NOT even close to "THE SHIT" and I am no Emo fan... I like Rock... Panic is the crappiest, lamest, most unoriginal, most boring, "all we know are G,C,D,E,A minor, and F chords" band that i have ever heard... The Shit?? dude you are obviously not a musician, and obviously have no taste.... hahaha, but i guess you are entitled to your opinion, even if it's stupid...


Look at me I'm posting on an internet forum.

stve conner

what about all the drugs

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