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December 03, 2005


Bold Soul

the production on this is awful...way to slick sounding. Whats the deal with the bass sound? Not my thing at all....


Huge fan of the band. Extremely disappointed by this new release. It doesn't do anything for me at all, and I've tried to force it. Yeah it blows... :(


The live bootlegs sounded better. When bands want to try to break their mold, changing production isnt the answer.


you are all out of your mind.....sit back, smoke a joint.....listen heart in a cage. great song. there is so much to listen to in all of these songs. the only one that i think is really just a waste of space on the album is ask me anything. heart in a cage, and 15 minutes are two of my favorites. they are two "standout" tracks for me......red light is also a good one........

Alex Blagg

their songs always seem to be "growers" for me, inasmuch as i tend to appreciate them most after 10+ listens. so far, i'm really digging 'razor blade', 'heart in a cage' and the ridiculously catch 'you only live once'


This cd is fucking awesome.....I knew everyone would bitch. And the production isnt bad at all. They kind of treaded into new water for The Strokes and it works great. I would have been dissappointed if they made another "Is This It?" like they did with "Room On Fire"....In a few months I think this album will surpass both of them and be my favorite Strokes record. It such a refreshing album, and I love that every song has its own characteristics. Very unique aspects to every song, they all standout on their own. And Ize of the World is the greatest Strokes song of all time.

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