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December 04, 2005



im so glad comments are back. this site sucks.


Great list, and thanks for the reminder of why I read ProductShop in the first place. Of course, I'd have some quibbles--no Teenage Fanclub??? MIA???--it's swell to see a blog by someone who actually knows something about music pre-1999. Even better to see you acknowledge Paul McCartney's surpisingly excellent Chaos and Creation and give the super props to the highly underrated Supergrass. In any event, excellent list, and how lovely to see that Annie and Art Brut ain't anywhere near it.


Thanks for the link!
Only recently listened to Twin Cinema - now listening to it all the time - disappointed I made my list before I could have included it.


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I've never really cared for either act or any of their previous albums. This year, both Conor and Ryan released multiple records that caught me completely off guard. I've been converted into a fan.

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