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December 13, 2005



I was under the impression that PJ won't play non-seated venues now (since the Roskilde incident).


Agreed, they were really impacted hard by Roskilde and it's hard to imagine them doing another large festival.


while true, they don't like to play non-seated shows anymore, they just completed a South American tour (their first ever) which was all GA as far as i'm aware. so maybe they've loosened up on their fear of playing GA shows again?

i always thought it'd be great for them to play stuff like Coachella or Bonnaroo, hope it's true.


They played a GA show at the Borgata in AC this fall, as well as PNC Park in Pittsburgh opening for the stones that had GA seating up front. This could cause my first pigrimmage to Coachella if true.


Puke, I hope not. They had one decent album, and it's the one that they've forsaken. Yawn.


you mean No Code? you're right, they don't play enough off it.

if you mean Ten (sadly i'm guessing you do), they still play TONS of shit off of it.


Solace, u took the words out of my mouth. No Code is the most underated album of this generation and I say that without Hyperbole. As for them playing GA shows such as at the Borgata, that is much different than festival style shows.


PS- Where are you hearing this? There is NO talk of this at the PJ Message Pit.


no talk on the message pit? that because it sucks. we all know where the
Real news
May be found


This is bogus. PJ won't play big open air festivals, and if they ever did, I really don't think it would be Coachella. I know Bonnaroo promoters have expressed interest in getting them, but again, PJ has no plans of big festival shows.



I vote for a Smashing Pumpkins reunion over this.

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